Below are some common concerns of our clients.
FIRMAN inverter generators electronically control the engine RPM up and down to the required demand of your appliance instead of running at a high RPM full time. The results are improved fuel efficiency.
Inverter generators also produce lower emissions and run at a very quiet 58dB thanks to the insulated housing and FIRMAN whisper series muffler.
FIRMAN inverter microprocessors are engineered to create high quality power that is clean enough to power all of your sensitive electronics and equipment. FIRMAN inverters are also all parallel compatible. You can double your power by connecting 2 FIRMAN inverters together with our parallel kits.
An inverter generator takes the AC current and converts it into DC current, and then inverts it back to clean AC power.
FIRMAN does, we manufacture our generators from the ground up. We make everything on the generator from the frame to the engine.
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